Contact & Résumé

Name: William Karlsson
Location: Malmö, Sweden
Occupation: Level Design student at The Game Assembly
Phone: +46 73 823 9388


Hello! My name is William and I’m currently studying level design at The Game Assembly. Right now I am looking for an internship for the  period: 2017-08-28 to 2018-04-13.

All my life I’ve been a creator. I’ve worked with my hands making things out of glass, clay and metal, made 3D models in CAD and I’ve been making films for almost half my life. Two games that got me into level design is Little Big Planet and Dark Souls. The first for being a great first stepping stone into making levels and the latter for showing me what good level design can do to a game.

Aside from level design I very much enjoy both environment design and finding smart solutions when scripting. Creating entertaining experiences for people is what I want to do. I set my goals high and work ambitiously on reaching them so that I can become the best designer I can be.