Ace of Space

Ace of Space


A grizzled space cop sent on a dusty cleanup mission must pry an ancient city on a remote planet from the clutches of an evil space cult.


  • First Person Shooter
  • 10 weeks half-time
  • Made by 3 Level designers, 4 Graphical artists and 8 Programmers
  • Created using a custom made engine

My Contributions

  • Level Design (The first and last levels out of 4)
  • Worked close to graphical artists to create a modular building set
  • Game progression
  • Designed weapon mechanics
  • Designed enemy mechanics
  • Scripted events in LUA
  • Gameplay balancing

The Team

  • Adam Persson (Level Designer)
  • Julia Holmlund (Level Designer)
  • William Karlsson (Level Designer)
  • Anniken Arfvidsson (Graphical Artist)
  • Christer Degerman (Graphical Artist)
  • Elise Fogelström (Graphical Artist)
  • Robin Tran (Graphical Artist)
  • Andreas Lasses (Programmer)
  • Angelo Logahd (Programmer)
  • Erik Paldanius (Programmer)
  • Marcus Holst (Programmer)
  • Robin Jacobsen (Programmer)
  • Simon Skogsrydh (Programmer)
  • Tobias Erlandsson (Programmer)
  • Ylva Werner (Programmer)