Edda’s Conquest

Edda’s Conquest


This game is about Edda, a small girl who wants nothing more than to become a great viking! You as the player can guide her and pick up objects, talk to characters and use items on the environment to reach your goals. In the middle of the game there’s an event that changes the environment and unlocks a couple more areas for you to explore. Characters get new dialogue options, you find new items and can use them in new ways.


  • Point-and-click game
  • Created in 8 weeks at half-time
  • Made by a team of 2 Level Designer, 3 Graphical Artists and 6 Programmers

My Contributions

  • Designed the viking village layout
  • Puzzle design
  • Story
  • Dialogue

The Team

  • Julia Holmlund (Level Designer)
  • William Karlsson (Level Designer)
  • Anniken Arfvidsson (Graphical Artist)
  • Kasper (Graphical Artist)
  • Robin Tran (Graphical Artist)
  • Andreas Lasses (Programmer)
  • Anthony Eriksson (Programmer)
  • Johan Bennet (Programmer)
  • Johan Hagelqvist (Programmer)
  • Robin Jacobsen (Programmer)
  • Ylva Werner (Programmer)