Grace is a game about fighting off an alien invasion in a turn based fashion. The player and enemies move and attack using action points. Spend them right to succeed in your mission. Move around the arenas to lead the enemy into chokepoints or to acquire power-ups in order to gain the upper hand. The player can also customize their character with different stats depending on their playstyle. Each mission brings the story one step closer to ending the invasion.


  • Point-and-click game
  • Created in 8 weeks at half-time
  • Made by a team of 2 Level Designer, 3 Graphical Artists and 6 Programmers

My Contributions

  • Created six levels using the Tiled editor
  • Designed and balanced enemies
  • Balanced player stats
  • Designed gameplay and mechanics
  • Wrote story for the game and each of my levels

The Team

  • Tudor Gogan (Level Designer)
  • William Karlsson (Level Designer)
  • Camilla SPånberg (Graphical Artist)
  • Ian Pearce (Graphical Artist)
  • Simon Alenius (Graphical Artist)
  • Alexander Rooth (Programmer)
  • Andreas Roth (Programmer)
  • Carl Berger (Programmer)
  • Dan Sönne (Programmer)
  • Johan Hagelqvist (Programmer)
  • Tobias Jansson (Programmer)