Monster Mash

Monster Mash


Monster Mash is a game where you fight for both glory and survival in an arena using your spells as a mage to vanquish your foes. You have to survive two arenas to become the champion and each arena consists of eight waves. The arena layout changes in between each wave and so you must adapt and find new strategic areas. You can also improve your game between waves by spending time to perform activities in the preparation phase such as meditating to regain health or making a pact with the devil to gain regenerative abilities, but at a price…


  • 3D arena hack and slash
  • 10 weeks half-time
  • Made by 2 Level designers, 3 Graphical artists and 7 Programmers
  • Created using a custom made engine

My Contributions

  • Sketched up the arena shapes
  • Created the layout for each wave in the second arena.
  • Created all the different “preparations” (upgrades) that the player chooses from between waves
  • Made gameplay concepts based on graphical enemy concepts
  • Balanced player stats, abilities and upgrades, enemy stats and hitboxes

The Team

  • Julia Holmlund (Level Designer)
  • William Karlsson (Level Designer)
  • Anniken Arfvidsson (Graphical Artist)
  • Christer Degerman (Graphical Artist)
  • Robin Tran (Graphical Artist)
  • Andreas Lasses (Programmer)
  • Erik Paldanius (Programmer)
  • Marcus Holst (Programmer)
  • Robin Jacobsen (Programmer)
  • Simon Skogsrydh (Programmer)
  • Tobias Erlandsson (Programmer)
  • Ylva Werner (Programmer)