S.P.R.A.K is a point-and-click adventure about you – a service technician- who is sent on a routine job to a space station. But on your arrival, everyone is missing. Your mission is instantly changed from making repairs to getting home. You have to use your wits and whatever items you find to make your way through the station. You find S.P.R.A.K -an assistant droid- who will guide you and provide information about the station.


  • Point-and-click game
  • Created in 8 weeks at half-time
  • Made by a team of 1 Level Designer, 3 Graphical Artists and 6 Programmers

My Contributions

  • Designed the space-station layout.
  • Designed both puzzles and “minigames”
  • Wrote the story for the game
  • Trum (Scrum) Master

The Team

  • William Karlsson (Level Designer)
  • Kasper Ahlstedt (Graphical Artist)
  • Nellie Johansson (Graphical Artist)
  • Océane Näsström (Graphical Artist)
  • Angelo Logahd (Programmer)
  • David Bengtsson (Programmer)
  • Erik Paldanius (Programmer)
  • Linus Neuman (Programmer)
  • Simon SKogsrydh (Programmer)
  • Ylva Werner (Programmer)