Shoot ’em Up

Das Roboterfabrik


In this top-down shooter you are fighting your way out of a factory as a malfunctioning murder-robot. Gather scraps from fallen enemies to expand or upgrade your arsenal of up to nine weapons. To find your way out you will have to find buttons to open doors, ride conveyor belts, dodge flaming projectiles and encounter a variety of enemies and bosses.


  • Shoot-em-up game
  • Created in 8 weeks at half-time
  • Made by a team of 2 Level Designer, 3 Graphical Artists and 7 Programmers

My Contributions

  • Designed the first and last levels out of four
  • Boss designs
  • Designed weapons and upgrades
  • Enemy design
  • Story

The Team

  • Andreas Yngvesson (Level Designer)
  • William Karlsson (Level Designer)
  • Anniken Arfvidsson (Graphical Artist)
  • Christer Degerman (Graphical Artist)
  • Emil Lindfors (Graphical Artist)
  • Daniel Nordlund (Programmer)
  • Edvin Jacobsson (Programmer)
  • Erik Paldanius (Programmer)
  • Johan Bennet (Programmer)
  • Marcus Holst (Programmer)
  • Robin Jacobsen (Programmer)
  • Yasmin Lindholm (Programmer)