Stellar Drift

Stellar Drift


This game is a first person space shooter where you pilot a space-pirate ship to shoot down your former crew. The ship has great handling and can turn quickly. At any time, the player can press “space” to massively increase forward momentum for as long as the button is held. The player has four different weapons in their arsenal that are all good in different situations and for different players. This game lets you face up against fighter ships, turrets, a space station and even the mothership itself.


  • 3D Space shooter
  • Created in 10 weeks half-time
  • Created by 2 Level designers 3 Graphical artists and 7 Programmers

My Contributions

  • Level Design
  • Created the first and last levels out of 4
  • Scripted events and missions
  • Balanced enemy stats and tweaked their behavior
  • Tweaked the steering of the player ship
  • Wrote Story for the game

The Team

  • Julia Holmlund (Level Designer)
  •  William Karlsson (Level Designer)
  • Anniken Arfvidsson (Graphical Artist)
  • Christer Degerman (Graphical Artist)
  • Robin Tran (Graphical Artist)
  • Andreas Lasses (Programmer)
  • Erik Paldanius (Programmer)
  • Marcus Holst (Programmer)
  • Robin Jacobsen (Programmer)
  • Simon Skogsrydh (Programmer)
  • Tobias Erlandsson (Programmer)
  • Ylva Werner (Programmer)